What you need to know about Poszet Ltd.

The Poszet company was founded in March 1994. The company operates on the romanian market in the domain of installations in constructions.
At the beginning, the company had 8 employees. Most of them worked at the local construction company. Even nowdays, when the number of the employees has reached 65, the experts are being designated from those with experience, but there are also a lot of young people , very well trained in this domain.
In our activity we apply our experience in the domain of installing, functioning, maintaining and servicing of installations.
At the judgement of the co-partners, it was decided the fusion between the Poszet and Poszet COM companies, starting with the 1st of November 2005. The reason of this fusion was simple: both companys had the same domain of activity.

For a separation and for a better coordonation of some activities of the Poszet Company, in February 2004 the company named Instinct was founded, whose domain of activity is the design and service, and in December 2007 the company SC Bauinstal SRL began its activity, its main domain of activity being installations' designing.